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You will only be able to login if you have subscribed to any of our pack. If you are unable to login even with a subscription then kindly Turn-on the 2 factor authentication & If the Accept-ME-white logo asks you for "2 factor authentication code" then kindly open your Instagram account and click on "This was me authentication" then headover to our website and enter the 2 factor authentication code sent to you

You can accept upto 10k Requests per 75 minutes.

Be careful when you select the number of requests you accept since you CAN NOT STOP the accepting process in between. ( PS: We are working on this feature and will bring it soon. )

No, your account will not be disabled and it be perfectly fine. "Couldn’t refresh feed" may appears because of the automatic process which is faster that the manual process, so it might be possible that Instagram may detect an unusual/suspicious activity which eventually freezes your account. There is no need to panic your account will be normal in 10-60 minutes. Chances of happening this is less than 1%.

We don’t save your passwords as our website has no user session and database connection. To make it more secure once you accept your desired number of requests you are automatically logged out within couple of seconds. Password is required even when you visit any other page within the website and try to accept the requests back again

We at Accept Me love your account more than you and for such a automatic process your account have to be logged in until all the pending requests are accepted. Since keeping your account safe & sound is our number one priority its better you login each time you wish to accept your requests. But still, We are working on this to provide you this feature without risking your security.

Yes, you can change it every time you feel you need to change.

Feel free to reach out to us and we will help you in best possible way. Visit our Contact page.